Details about the Cruise Ship Professor Multanovskiy

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    Technical Specifications
    Type of Vessel Cruise Ship
    Length 71.60 meters
    Beam 12.80 meters
    Draft 4.50 meters
    Year Built 1983
    Engines 2 x 1560 hp diesel engines
    Cruising Speed 12.50 knots
    Crew 26
    Accomodations 24 Cabins
    Capacity 52 guests
    Ice Class LU(1) / Lloyds Register 1D
    Safty Life Vests and Boats
    Amenities Available aboard the Professor Multanovskiy
    Dining Room
    Small Library
    Professor Multanovskiy

    This vessel was originally built as a research vessel and has since been transformed into a passenger vessel reinforced for the icy, polar conditions. The ship is home to comfortable amenities and an excellent staff and crew including nature and historical experts which will keep you informed throughout the voyage.