Who we are

Arctic & Antarctic Collection is a specialized Tour Operator for adventure travel to the polar regions. We fully dedicate ourselves to these remote, cold, but spectacular areas of our planet. We personally customize every journey to meet your specific wants and needs so that you will enjoy every moment of your polar vacation. Our employees know the Arctic & Antarctica from personal voyages, and the polar world is their passion. A visit to the Arctic or Antarctica requires good preparation and planning, and we at Arctic & Antarctic Collection are here to plan your personal polar voyage to make your polar trip a once in a lifetime experience. But do watch out - the polar areas are truly addictive. You'll surely be planning your return to the polar region before you even head home.

Our know how

In order to provide our customers with the most reliable information and a truly professional experience, we fully concentrate on travel to the Arctic & Antarctic regions. We take pride in the fact that our employees have a true passion for the polar regions due to their own personal experiences there. This is the touch that allows us to provide our clients with first hand knowledge and reliable information.

Our products

We offer customers unique and innovative products famous for their high quality, flexibility, and individuality. We pay strong attention to detail when creating our polar packages so that our customers may enjoy a great vacation with all of the planning and organization already taken care of.

Our service

Our pretension is to always offer exceptional service backed up by our extensive experience. Though we are sure you will be absolutely satisfied with the services of Arctic & Antarctic Collection we encourage your comments and suggestions as they will help us provide you with even better service during your next vacation to the polar regions.

Quality and Security

As true specialists in travel packages to the polar regions, we carefully choose our business associates, such as hotels, shipping companies, and airlines, based on our own personal experiences in order to be absolutely certain that we are passing on a quality product to our valued customers. Your trust and confidence is of utmost importance to us.

Satisfaction by way of competence

We are convinced of our capacity to provide for you as all of our associates share the same expertise regarding our knowledge of tourism and travel to the polar regions. We have long standing relationships with all of our providers and maintain constant communication regarding the quality of service they provide. We offer our customers unparalleled experience in planning and organizing polar voyages and expeditions with the flexibility to meet the varying desires and needs of each and every client.

Flexibility for our customers

Our aim is to pass on to you our own enjoyment of the polar regions and to point out the various travel options that exist for expeditions to The Arctic and Antarctica. The flexible handling of our customer's wants and needs is important to us and many of our tours offer unique personalization. Be sure to inform us about your individual travel preferences and we will do everything in our power to integrate them into our services.

Helpfulness is important to us

The quality of our polar-service is mainly determined by the quality and experience of our employees. We are proud to bring you a dedicated team of distinctive personalities who all share a common goal: to allow you to experience their own pleasure and enthusiasm for our magnificent polar-destinations. You will surely appreciate how helpful our staff is, so do not hesitate to contact us to set up your trip to the polar regions.

Our travel documents - plenty of knowledge for you

Another important aspect of an enjoyable vacation is being well informed and prepared for the expedition. For that reason, we work hard to provide you with exceptional, custom-made travel documents that contain all of the necessary information for a smooth voyage.

Optimal value for money

Another of our objectives is to offer the best price performance ratio. In other words, rather than always recommending the most inexpensive product, we offer our clients an optimum product that we feel will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We aim to select the best business partners that exhibit exceptional quality in all categories. If you are able to find the same product elsewhere at a lower price, please let us know.

Respect for nature

The natural setting of The Arctic and Antarctic is very import to us. After all, if we don't work to take care of the environment we won't have anything worth visiting. As a tour operator, Arctic & Antarctic Collection is aware of this responsibility and carefully selects business associates that adhere to our strict guidelines and assure the protection and conservation of the polar regions.


Antarctica is the largest wilderness area on the earth unaffected by human activities. For that reason, this unique and original environment must be protected by assuring that polar voyages leave no lasting effects on the region. We therefore work exclusively with members of the IAATO, an organization that has developed rigorous rules of conduct and conservation regarding visits to Antarctica.

Polar Bears International

This nonprofit organization fights for the conservation and protection of polar bears. They have done extensive research into the current issues affecting polar bears throughout the world and are striving to protect the habitats that they require for survival.

Russian state museum

The Russian Arctic & Antarctic State Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the largest museums of its kind in the world. The extensive polar exhibitions show the discovery, development, nature, economy, and culture of the Polar regions. Arctic & Antarctic collection proudly donates a portion of its profits to support this breathtaking museum.

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